Attention drivers: These revolutionary glasses make it safe to drive at night again

This specialized yellow lenses tint not only provides 100% UV protection and glare blocking, but also it blocks blue light, enhances contrast and clarity. Invest in your safety behind the wheel with a pair of these night driving glasses. 

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Makes It Easier To See In The Dark

You’ll be able to see clearer and further even when there is a low amount of light.

Blocks Bright Lights

With ClearView you will notice an instant reduction in glare from oncoming traffic, bright street lights and people who leave there high beams on at all times.

Easy to use

Even if you wear prescription glasses, place them over the top of these glasses, adjusting them to make sure that they are comfortable and are not blocking any parts of your vision.

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ClearView: The ultimate night vision aid

ClearView is a driving aid made with night vision glass which makes the most of advanced anti-glare technology to help drivers to see better at night and in foggy conditions.

Block High Beam Lights – You’ll never get another headache because of all the oncoming cars that keep their high beams on at all times and driving at night is much more enjoyable.

Lightweight – Designed with fashion elements and a strong, light chain hinge. You will not feel like you wear them.

Polarisation – The polarised photochromic lenses reduce glare and enhance contrast making it easier to see further when visibility is poor.

Keep a few in each of your cars and avoid accidents. If you care about your family’s safety then this is a no brainer. You and your family will be safer and you’ll enjoy night time driving way more!

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Here’s Why Customers Love ClearView

“I always used to panic if I had to drive at night, especially in the rain. I still avoid night driving if I can, but I now keep a ClearView night vision aid in my glovebox and it makes me so much less anxious knowing that it is always there if I need it. It helps enormously.”-Jim, 40.

“I have light green eyes, and although my vision is otherwise perfect, I have always suffered from the glare of car’s headlights and therefore found it difficult to drive at night. ClearView has been the answer to all of my problems, making it so much more comfortable to drive in the dark”-Janet, 42.

“These night glasses are great,especially the price. These glasses are very light, comfortable and the glasses arms and nose pad can adjust to fit my big face.The most important thing is that these night vision glasses can really reduce glare from the bright car headlights when you drive during the night.I’m going to buy more glasses in the future.”-Anna, 37.

“These are the best fitting night vision glasses that I have had. I ride a motorcycle at night and these really do cut down the glare and confusing looking lights on other vehicles. The frame is so well made, may last forever, even on a motorcycle.” -Nick, 35.

ClearView has been in high demand and inventory is limited

We also recommend you taking advantage of the very attractive multiple order discounts that ClearView is offering. Why not get one for your loved ones or one for your friends? Take advantage now, since these discounts won’t last forever.

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